A few cool projects that I have been working on.


Tinkerbell is a flexible bare metal provisioning engine. Open-sourced by the folks @packethost, an Equinix company.


Tink-Wizard is a general-purpose web UI for Tinkerbell. It allows you to manage your hardware, template, and workflows from a single place.


DockerDoodle started as a fun side project, hence the name, is an open-source project built around the idea of managing Docker containers running on individual hosts.


It's always great to receive some feedback. And feels even better if it's positive. :)
Kamal Mangtani

Kamal Mangtani

Architect - Product Development

I have worked with Gaurav closely for more than a year. He is a very open minded person, always ready to learn new things and also share his knowledge with others. One thing I like the most about him is his positive attitude and eagerness to pick up new things. I strongly recommend him and would always prefer to work with him again in future.

Srikant Maruwada

Srikant Maruwada

Technical Architect

Gaurav is very dedicated and a good team player. He has good technical knowledge, especially in Docker and Kubernetes. He is a great trouble shooter.

Steve Leung

Steve Leung

AWS Certified Architect & Developer

Gaurav worked with myself as an outsourced developer. During this time I found his contributions added value and his technical capabilities to be of exceptional quality or ability, a clear stand out.
Gaurav's enthusiasm for new technologies and best practice was also re-energising. I would happily recommend Gaurav.


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This article is the first in the series where we are going to build a simple ASP .Net Core web application, containerize it with Docker and run it on local host. And we will push everything to GitHub for later use.In later posts, we will setup Microsoft Azure DevOps Build pipeline to automate the process of building and pushing the Docker image to Docker Hub. Next, we will use Azure DevOps Release pipeline to deploy our application on Azure Web App ServiceĀ as a container.