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DZone Most Valuable Blogger (MVB)

On Oct 12, 2018, I received an email from Kara Phelps, Content and Community Manager at DZone saying,

Hi Gaurav,

My name is Kara and I’m a Content and Community Manager here at DZone.

We would definitely love to have you as an MVB! We reviewed your writing samples, and we think you would be a great fit for the program. We’re excited to invite you onboard!

It certainly felt amazing. 🙂

Thank you!

Readers are the soul of any blog. I’m very grateful to all my readers and especially those who have contacted me back and shared their valuable feedback. This is exactly what a writer or blogger needs, feedback, because it helps us a lot. It not only helps us to improve our content quality and writing skills, but also keeps us motivated and dedicated.

I also want to thank the love of my life, my fiancee Neha Patnaik, who has always been a support for me. She has helped from selecting a topic to writing the right content. She ensures every article or blog post has my own touch, as she is the sole reviewer of my content. She aims to make an article easy enough for a layman to understand it, and at the same time interesting enough to engage a professional. Thank you soooo much love! Thank you, for all you effort!  🙂

I always love to learn something new, and I equally enjoy sharing my knowledge and understanding. And when your efforts are rewarded, it definitely feels great.

This year, after C# Corner MVP award (received in Jan 2018), it is my second award as a professional. Thanks to DZone, I now have two awards listed on my LinkedIn profile. I don’t even have to say, this is not where it ends, this is where it starts. There is a long way to go.

You can checkout my DZone profile here. And you can find more details about the DZone MVB program here.

Thank you everyone!


Gaurav Gahlot

DZone MVB 2018


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